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If you opt to submit your case to us, we will endeavour to always offer you the best and most competitive products from our panel of selected Lenders.

We see ourselves as an extension of your business and hope you will too. We can act as the gateway to and find you competitive finance solutions, matching your needs. Although our area of expertise is specialist property lending, we have exposure to alternative finance products. The main types of situations we can assist with are detailed below.

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Our broker partners are a network of skilled professionals that connect us to the whole market.

Discover who they are and how you could become one.

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Head of Relationships

Amber is directly involved with each Leveo loan application. With over 20 years’ managerial experience working for lenders and introducers, Amber will ensure your application is packaged and presented to the most suitable lender. Detail driven, approachable and pragmatic, Amber will
assist you in finding the right lending partner
to meet your and/or your client’s requirements.

Amber has many years of industry specific experience, having worked both on the master broker side (at loans.co.uk) and for direct specialist lenders. Having sat both sides of the fence, this gives her a great advantage for quickly assessing and placing enquiries. Customer service is at the forefront of everything she does.



Mike has a wealth of knowledge across the mainstream and specialist finance sector; from working in managerial and Board positions with some of the biggest UK banks, Specialist Lenders and Finance Brokes.

Mike is a thorough individual who through over 25 years of expertise and relationship building will ensure Leveo delivers the best deal it can to all clients.

Mike has a wealth of knowledge within both the mainstream and specialist finance sectors. He has worked at managerial and board level with some of the largest UK banks, specialist lenders and leading finance brokers. With over 25 years of deep industry experience, Mike will ensure Leveo delivers for our valued partners.

The Journey

How we do It

Loyalty, integrity and persistence are at the forefront of what we do for you.

Our aim is to build rapport and trust and a longstanding relationship. A win-win for all parties involved is always our aim. We can work with brokers on behalf of clients or clients directly.

We utilise our own brand of systems, analysis tools and relationships to best promote and negotiate your case, we assign dedicated resource to each part of the process to gain you the best results we can, in a timescale that intends to exceed expectations.


Who Are We

Leveo are a team of highly experienced specialist brokers dedicated to finding the right finance solution for you.

Our experience means we can help you navigate the
specialist finance market and quickly find the most
optimal solution for your needs – saving you time and
always with an aim to improve your terms.

-We are here to take the effort and complication out of
navigating a complex market where different funders
require different approaches from you.

We are your trusted finance specialist broker in the UK,
finding the solutions you need in a rapid and
straightforward way, allowing you to focus on your core
objectives for success. Contact our team today and
allow us to start finding the finance you need.