Terms can be offered by our Panel of Lenders within 48 hours and the time to completion can be as short as 2 weeks, if everything runs smoothly,it will depend on the complexity of the application and the nature of the assets being offered as security. If there are multiple assets, each will need to be valued before a decision is made, which can take a little longer. Each case is different, at the beginning of the application, borrowers will be advised of all of the requirements before a loan can draw down (valuation, searches or no search insurance, property information forms etc). 

A bridging loan can be used for any legal use, but they are mainly used for such things as purchasing and refurbishing commercial property, investment property, mixed-use developments, land, with or without planning, buy-to-let portfolios or the refinancing of existing loans

If the exact exit date and method is contractually set prior to the loan being awarded, this is known as a closed bridging loan. If you know exactly when you are going to receive long-term funding through a property sale or mortgage approval, this is used as the exit date. These types of loans are considered less risky to the lender and will generally have more competitive rates. 

An open bridging loan refers to a loan given when there is no exact date for repayment set. However, the loan period will be set prior to approval, which can usually be up to 6, 12 or 18 months, during which time the loan must be repaid. If the borrower does not know the date they will secure further finance there is obviously more of a risk to both them and the lender. 

Proof of income is usually required, but as long as there is a predetermined exit strategy in place and assets act as the security, bridging loans can be considered even if you have no income. Interest is retained in the loan and paid at the end.Leveo will consider each case individually and as long as we are satisfied that there is a strong repayment plan, our lender panel will consider applications even if you have a limited income. 

A bridging loan is an ideal short-term mortgage solution if you want to buy an investment property quickly.

Yes, you can get a bridging loan to buy an investment property at auction. It is a common method for financing auction property purchases in the first instance, as loans are approved quickly, meaning a buyer will have access to cash fast. Auction properties often need to complete within a month and traditional mortgages will often take much longer than this to arrange, which may limit a buyer’s options. A bridging loan fills the gap, giving time to secure long term finance. This is one of the most efficient uses of a Bridging Loan. 

A bridging loan term is generally 12 months but as every application is considered on a case-by-case basis, these timeframes can vary, and can be as much as  24 months. 

Typically loans are secured by a first legal charge against property or land in UKIn certain circumstances, we can consider other high-value assets. Our Lender Panel have lent against international property assets and against businesses so whilst the majority of our loans are real-estate backed, please do still call with any funding requirements as these will be assessed on their merits. 

Leveo can source commercial bridging loans to limited companies and partnerships. We consider every application on a case-by-case basis. A large deposit will assist with the application and in turn help acquire better rates.

If you are in a position to pay the bridging loan off early, some Lenders allow you to do so without incurring any early repayment fees or charging interest on the additional months save for the notification period of repayment.

Yes. It is possible to obtain a bridging loan with impaired credit. Each lender will have different lending criteria. The exit strategy is an important consideration; if your credit issues are likely to affect your chances of obtaining long term finance, your application is less likely to be approved. However, if the intention is to sell the property to finance the bridging loan, your application in these circumstances will be considered more favourably. 
Up front communication in relation to historic credit issues helps greatly in the underwriting. We understand that not all individual cases are the same, and history can be complex.  The more information we have up front will enable us to clearly communicate to our Lender panel how they might consider the risk and ensure that any issues can be swiftly dealt with.

Most lenders will charge valuation and legal fees before the loan is drawn. Other upfront fees depend on the lender. 

All applications are confidential and your details will never be shared with anyone else (aside from the solicitors) without your express permission. We are fully GDPR compliant, and we ensure our Lender Panel are too. Please see our web privacy policy. 

The specialist lending market is always evolving with new and innovative financial solutions – and Leveo are at the forefront of it. You will benefit from having access to Leveo’sspecialist knowledge and relationships. Leveo can save you time, money and reduce risk to your business.

Leveo continuously engage with the market to identify the best products for your/our client. We build relationships with market leaders and leverage those relationships to benefit your/our clients.  When presented with an opportunity, we negotiate on your/our client’s behalf to get the best deal from our Lender Panel, even if that requires us to push outside of the standard criteria.

As your broker we will be led by you on how and to what extent we communicate with your client. We are equally comfortable with you managing the communication or taking ownership of this process.

We will communicate with you/your/our client throughout the loan cycle, especially when key deliverables need to be met to help move applications forwards. 

Fees vary depending on how much of the process you want Leveo to manage for you/your/our client. We offer rewards for repeat business to help build long standing relationships with our introducers.

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Amber has many years of industry specific experience, having worked both on the master broker side (at and for direct specialist lenders. Having sat both sides of the fence, this gives her a great advantage for quickly assessing and placing enquiries. Customer service is at the forefront of everything she does.



Mike has a wealth of knowledge across the mainstream and specialist finance sector; from working in managerial and Board positions with some of the biggest UK banks, Specialist Lenders and Finance Brokes.

Mike is a thorough individual who through over 25 years of expertise and relationship building will ensure Leveo delivers the best deal it can to all clients.

Mike has a wealth of knowledge within both the mainstream and specialist finance sectors. He has worked at managerial and board level with some of the largest UK banks, specialist lenders and leading finance brokers. With over 25 years of deep industry experience, Mike will ensure Leveo delivers for our valued partners.

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